A Short List..

..of things (mostly food related of course) that I’m really going to miss when we leave San Francisco.

Enjoy! And leave your favorite SF things as a comment on this post if you like!

1. Chai Latte & the Chocolate Chip Cookie from Café Trieste in North Beach…and the guys that work there.
McKay and I went here pretty much every morning on our way to work – so much so that our Chai Latté and Africano were ready before we could even order. Such a great way to start the morning…and yes, I had a Chocolate Chip Cookie nearly every morning for breakfast (woops!)


1. Chai Latte and Chocolate Chip Cookie from Cafe Trieste
2. The $25 Manicure/Pedicure/Massage from Hand Touch Nails on Chestnut.Doesn’t look like much from the outside…and there are two other nail places directly across the street, but honestly the nicest staff you’ll find and such a deal!

3. The “Recoil” from Bloodhound in SOMA.

This is one of my favorite bars in SF. I just wish it wasn’t so far away from where I lived! Buckhunter + Pool Table + a good crowd…always a fun time. The Recoil is one of their speciality drinks made with Bourbon, Ginger Beer and some other good stuff – highly recommend.

4. Kang Kari Gai from Thai Basil.

Just a few doors down from Bloodhound – this place has the best Thai food in SF (neck and neck with Lemongrass on Polk Street). The Kang Kari Gai is an amazing yellow curry chicken dish – took a while for me to realize everything else here was so good since I rarely ordered anything other than the KKG!


4. Kang Kari Gai from Thai Basil


5. Crissy Field Beach

Regardless of your feelings toward the Marina neighborhood…it’s hard to argue that living steps away from one of the most picturesque vantage points should make you feel pretty lucky. An amazing place to run/walk/bike/people watch – I’ll have to find some equally convenient Sydney equivalent ASAP.

6. Buttermilk Donuts from All Star Donuts

Typically Maple Bar Donuts are my favorite donuts, and I’ve tried them from All Star – and they were just meh. BUT THEN… our friends Ben and Jessica introduced us to the Chocolate Buttermilk Donut…and I’ve never looked back. Best treat under $2 on Chestnut Street. It’s a toss up on which I like more – the Chocolate or the Glazed. SO YUMMY.


6. Buttermilk Donut from All Star Donuts
. The Brass Monkey and the Cheesecake from Little Star Pizza

I’m not joking when I say that the Cheesecake nearly outdoes the pizza – it is SO GOOD. But I guess some might find it weird if you didn’t order the pizza first – so get the Brass Monkey. It’s off of the “secret menu” that everyone knows about. It’s basically their signature “Little Star” pizza with Sausage.


8. The Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cookie from Batter Bakery

I’m a little upset that it took me so to figure out what the tiny little glass bubble kiosk right down the street from work was. Especially when I discovered that they sold the most delicious cookies in all of the Financial District. All of the cookies are yummy here, but the peanutbutter cup variety are my absolute favorite.

9. Proximity to Nature

San Francisco gives you the best of all worlds. It is one of the most well-known and well-loved metropolitan cities in the world, but beautiful beaches, mountains, snow activities and wine country are only a day trip away. As much as I loved living in Manhattan, every so often you couldn’t help but feel land-locked. Not in SF.

Must-do’s while you live in the bay:

  • Visit Marin – have a drink on a sunny day at Sam’s in Tiburon, do the Steep Ravine hike from Mt.Tam to Stinson Beach, take the ferry to Sausalito and eat at Le Garage
  • Visit Tahoe in both the Summer and the Winter
  • Go camping in Yosemite and do either Half Dome or Cloud’s Rest if you like to hike



10. Sushi

San Francisco has great sushi. And Sushi places are everywhere! I couldn’t pick a favorite one, but places that I frequent (and that are by no means fancy – just great neighborhood sushi bars) areNaked Fish in the Marina (get the Firecracker Balls), Tsunami Sushi in either Lower Haight or by the ball park, Akiko’s in Union Square, Wasabi and Ginger on Lombard, and Sushi Hunter in North Beach.


Honorable Mentions:

  • Fresh Squeezed OJ from The Grove
  • The Prosciutto Sandwich from Boxed Foods
  • Anything on the menu at Spruce – where I had the best meal I’ve had in SF (but haven’t gone enough to warrant missing it)
  • Coconut Macadamia Nut Gelato from Gelato Classico in North Beach
  • Golden Boy and North Beach Pizza