We’re Esther and McKay.

We moved to Sydney from San Francisco in January 2011. There are so few resources online that document the moving process…so we started Oh Hey Sydney! – initially created for our friends and family to keep up with us from across the world of course, but also for any of you future expats!

We now live in Surry Hills where I’d say at least 80% of our life is spent trying all of the amazing restaurants in the vicinity – so Feeling Peckish? was born to document our drinking and dining exploits.


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  1. Seana Smith
    Seana Smith / 10-28-2012 / ·

    Hello there, just wanted to say g’day. I’m an immigrant to Sydney too, from Scotland and many years ago now. I’m now in suburbs with four kids and am looking longingly at your blog and the Surry Hills lifestyle.

  2. Megan Smallwood
    Megan Smallwood / 2-25-2013 / ·

    Hi there! My husband and I recently moved to Sydney from Denver, CO and I just happened to stumble across your blog. Lots of good information for us expats that love great food and wine! I was curious, did you guys use any social meet up sites or anything when you first moved here to meet people? We have been having a bit of a hard time meeting people outside of work…any tips would be greatly appreciated!

    1. ohheysydney
      ohheysydney / 2-25-2013 / ·

      Hi Megan! Glad you found the blog helpful and welcome to Sydney 🙂 There are a few Meetup groups for expats out there, but most of our friends here were connected by friends from home. We constantly get the “hey guys! haven’t spoken to you since you moved, but we have some friends that are also moving to Sydney and would love your advice on which neighbourhood to live in, how to get a visa, how to find an apartment, etc”.

      The one expat group that we’ve had friends attend a few events with that we heard were fun is Sydney Expat Americans on FB: https://www.facebook.com/sydneyexpat.americans?sid=0.5793118579313159

      1. Megan Smallwood
        Megan Smallwood / 2-26-2013 / ·

        Hi Esther, thanks for the fast reply! We actually have been to one Sydney Expat American event (Super Bowl party) which was fun, just super crowded as you might expect. We meet a few people there, but just our luck, everyone we have been meeting lately lives in Manly. With us being in Randwick it has been tough meeting up with them 🙂

        We are often in Surry Hills and plan on moving around that area, so maybe we’ll run into each other at some point…looks like we have a lot of the same interests with great restaurants in that area (Reuben Hills has been a recent favorite.) Thanks again for all the great information!

        P.S. Your trips look amazing! The Hunter Valley is next on our list.

  3. Amy Smith
    Amy Smith / 5-30-2013 / ·

    Hi Esther and McKay! I love your blog and have an opportunity I would like to discuss with you, can you please email me at amy.smith@rfg.com.au? Thanks, Amy

    1. scrunchie_gal
      scrunchie_gal / 6-4-2013 / ·

      That’s so nice Amy, I love this blog too!

  4. Chelsea
    Chelsea / 7-18-2013 / ·

    Hi Esther and McKay! I’m also an expat from Marin County (just across the Golden Gate Bridge for anyone else reading this) and moved to Sydney in 2010. I currently live in Leichhardt and could give you some great recommendations for authentic Italian restaurants and cafes. I happened across your site because I’m thinking of doing something similar. You guys are doing a great job! Do you or any of your friends do World Series meetups? It would have been so much fun to have watched the Giants win the World Series last year with other fans!

  5. Jess
    Jess / 8-2-2013 / ·

    Hi Esther & McKay …
    I’ve been looking for a suitable blog to e-mail to speak to about a lil something! 😛
    Then this afternoon I stumbled across your blog, and I love it. But I can’t seem to find a way to contact you!

    Anyway could you please e-mail me at cvhorseriding@outlook.com as I’d love to hear from you!

    1. @EstherLily
      @EstherLily / 9-29-2013 / ·

      Hi Jess – sorry for the delay! You can reach us at esther@ohheysydney.com or on Google+

  6. Richard Butler
    Richard Butler / 8-11-2013 / ·

    hi there Esther and Mckay i have a radio show that gos out to the states amd also to escape from america magazine would you be able to do a 15 minute spot on my show re your holiday in Vanuatu and living in australia from america its ver laid back i record it at 10.15 am on a thursday my sydney email is richard@pacifichavenresort.com i am here in sydney regards Richard Butler if you google richard butler Vanuatu you will see my posts

  7. Megan Lewellyn
    Megan Lewellyn / 6-13-2014 / ·

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  8. Chelsea Rae Rodahl
    Chelsea Rae Rodahl / 9-17-2014 / ·

    I met your mom, the sweetest lady on my flight back to SF. I live in North Beach and no doubt we have at some point crossed paths. I’m excited to see your blog, bc I’m a chef in the city and love Australia as well! Congrats on your engagement and you picked the most beautiful dress! Hopefully sometime when you come and visit I can meet you! Cheers!

  9. Lauren
    Lauren / 5-3-2015 / ·

    Hi Esther and McKay! I stumbled across your travel blog as we happen to be in the process of deciding to take a leap of faith and give Aussie living a try! We’re from the Bay Area, and fell in love with Sydney years ago. The biggest question we’re facing is how the heck to go about obtaining a visa and what the best option for finding professional jobs abroad are (working directly w/ recruiters, simply flying over and then interviewing, etc). Would love to hear your thoughts. Love the posts and all of the amazing wanderlust adventures 🙂 Lauren

    1. @OhHeySydney
      @OhHeySydney / 5-3-2015 / ·

      Hi Lauren! Exciting stuff that you are thinking about making the move to Sydney – we highly recommend it! My advice would be for at least one of you to be try securing a job before moving (and then the other person can just be de facto on your 457 work viza). The reason I recommend this – is because though you can technically (depending on your age) get a “working holiday visa” which allows you to work in Australia for 1 year…With this type of visa, you can only work for one company for 6 months and then you’d either need to work for a different company for the next 6 months or you’d need to get a company to sponsor you. McKay worked with a recruiter to find his job. What do you guys do for work?

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