Things We Miss

Things We Miss

We absolutely love living in Australia, but after over a year and a half here, there are a few (mostly ridiculous) items that we do miss from the States.

1. Bounce Dryer Sheets

A lot of homes don’t have dryers here. It’s much more common to hang clothes out on the line…hence, the poor selection of Dryer sheets and lack of our all time fave – Bounce.

2. Stick Deodorant

This one came as a bit of a surprise – a surprise that there is only roll-on deodorant here and also a surprise that we actually cared. I blame it on the overwhelming variety of deodorants available in the States…

3. S’mores Fixins – Graham Crackers, Marshmallows and Hershey’s Chocolate

No Graham Crackers (closest alternative is Digestive Biscuits), No big fluffy marshmallows (only tiny colorful ones), and no Hershey’s.

4. Fave Hot Sauce Brands – Cholula, Tapatio, Frank’s, Louisiana, Sriracha

We found Frank’s Red Hot at David Jones in the American Foods section – and we happily paid $10 for a teeny tiny bottle.

5. Fave Peanut-butter Brands

We smuggled Skippy back to Sydney from our last trip home. No Jif here either…hrrumph.

6. Bacon

The bacon here is similar to what we call “Canadian Bacon” in the states. It’s delicious and we love it, but its not the same thick cut, easily crispable, smoked bacon from home.

7. Pancake Mix

We very recently tried out a mix that you pour water directly into the container, shake it about and cook, but it’s no Bisquick or Aunt Jemima’s.

8. Pudding

We only recently realised that we miss pre-packaged Pudding cups…Esther was jonesin’ to make her favourite Pudding Pie Recipe the other day, but there’s no Instant Pudding here or Pie Crust OR Cool Whip…There’s no JELLO cups either come to think of it?!

9. Californian Wines and American Beers

Maybe we’re not remembering correctly, but wasn’t there heaps of foreign booze that were readily available in the States, Australian included. We love Australian wines, but once in a while we wouldn’t mind a nice big Russian River Pinot…not available in bottle shops. And American beer is MIA on draught—there are only a handful of Australian beers to write home about.  Sigh…

10. Cornbread  and/or Cornmeal to make Cornbread

Probably more of a missing at Thanksgiving only type thing. Along with Cranberry Sauce in a can and canned Pumpkin…

11. NCAA

ESPN International does a pretty good job covering regular season pro sports.  But it’s much harder to get a good college football or basketball game (fingers crossed Apple TV introduces an NCAA package).

Are you an American living abroad? What things do you miss?