Aussie Fact #1: BYO Fridge

When you rent a place here in Australia, they very rarely come equipped with a refrigerator. 

Tip: You have two options – either buy or rent a fridge. 

We bought ours from Bing Lee’s. It was about $700, but a new fridge can range from $500 to a super fancy one at over $1000. You can also try to buy a used one on the Craigslist equivalent, Gum Tree

Alternatively, you can rent a fridge for about $10-$15 a week. We rent our washer/dryer from Radio Rentals. You might choose to go the rental route if you aren’t planning on living here for very long or you don’t want to be responsible for repairs and such. Be warned though, most rental companies require three references here in Australia as well as paystubs/bank statements and the like. They won’t rent to you until they’ve followed up with all of your references (even if you’ve just recently been approved for multiple apartments and can clearly afford $10/week!)