Aussie Fact: Twist-off Does Not Equal Cheap


Most bottles of wine here – the best quality as well as the cheap – usually have a twist off cap, not a cork. 

In the United States, I’d always been under the assumption that if a bottle of wine didn’t have a cork – it was cheap. Not to be purchased as a gift under any circumstance. When we moved here, though, nearly all bottles of wine sold in bottle-shops are twist-off! On our trip to the Hunter Valley we asked why that was and were told the the screw cap is a much more practical and prevents oxidation and “cork taint” (which effects 3-10% of wines world-wide). Apparently wineries all over the world, including some of the most established labels, started making the switch in 2002. 

Though it does lack the charm of the traditional cork – we like twist off cap wine just fine. 
(Pictured: two lovely twist-off bottles from one of the most beautiful vineyards we visited in Hunter Valley – Audrey Wilkinson)