Bangbang Espresso Bar and Cafe

Bottom Line: Solid brunch spot with yummy brunch food. Not a lot of lunch-type options on the weekend.

We came here for brunch one day. McKay really wanted breakfast food and I was craving a burger so we thought this would be the perfect spot. Unfortunately, they only serve their lunch menu during the week…so I was a little disappointed that I wasn’t able to order a burger, but the BLAT (Bacon Lettuce Avocado Tomato) Sandwich hit the spot. The bacon was super thick and perfectly cooked and, as we’ve noticed all over Australia, the bread was PERFECT. Yum! I also ordered a little fried veggie pattie that I forget the name of. It was like a moist, buttery hashbrown bet better with carrots, peas and other assorted vegetables. 

I also tried the Chili hot chocolate – which was awesome! Dark chocolate flavor with flakes of chili served with a homemade marshmallow?! Can’t go wrong..

McKay had the smoked salmon on scrambled eggs on toast. Also delicious. 

We’d read a few reviews complaining about the portion sizes, but I thought the portions were perfect – I was perfectly full. 

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