Bentley, Surry Hills

We’ve yet to have dinner at Bentley, but the few times we’ve been there for drinks and dessert warrant a post for sure. Delicious cocktails and inventive desserts have made this one of our Crown Street favourites. 

They make a killer Manhattan

Frozen Goats Cheese Mousse ($18) with Violet, Buckwheat Praline & Passionfruit Ice Cream
This dessert was really interesting. Light overall, but with some rich elements.

Hot Ricotta Dumplings ($6)
Warm, Puffy, Doughy Balls…What’s Not to Like?

Honeycomb Chocolate Bar ($8)
This might be my favorite dessert they serve. The chocolate & caramel is chewy and rich, the honeycomb is crunchy. Mmm!

Creamed Cheddar ($12) with Pretzel, Vegemite & Quince
This is definitely one of the most inventive desserts I’ve ever seen and it makes Vegemite and Pretzels seem fancy and also delicious. Cheese and pretzels are an obvious combo, but the sweetness of the cheese makes calling it a dessert allowable and the hardened Vegemite brittel makes Vegemite bearable even to the haters. Just that touch of saltiness the rich cheese needs.  
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