Burger Face-Off - Our Top Five Burgers in Sydney

Burger Face-Off – Our Top Five Burgers in Sydney

It’s been difficult, I can assure you…but we’ve been tasting burgers all over Sydney recently to find the very best.  Here’s our list of the top five burgers in Sydney.

5. Rockpool Bar & Grill, CBD

David Blackmore’s Full Blood Wagyu Hamburger with Bacon, Gruyere Cheese and Zuni Pickle ($24)

Having the Wagyu burger at Rockpool Bar & Grill is a bit of Sydney foodie must-do. This was one of the first burgers we had in Sydney and it remains on the list three years later. The meat was perfectly cooked and flavourful. The mixture of different types of onions – caramelised, red – was perfect. The sauce – was BBQ flavoured, but not overpowering. It’s not cheap though – $24 for the burger and another $12 for the hand cut chips or $9 for the onion rings.

Rockpool Bar & Grill Burger

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4. Chur Burger, Surry Hills

Grilled Beef, Cheese, Tomato Jam, Mustard Mayo, Pickle ($10)

Chur Burger is currently the talk of the town. There is often a queue to get in at pretty much all hours. We thought the burger was great – nice brioche bun, fresh lettuce and tomato, nice meaty patty…but it may not be worth all the effort and the fries were just okay (though a the portion size can definitely feed three)…Perfectly priced though at $10 and they also have a delicious pulled pork burger on the menu.

Chur Burger Pulled Pork Burger (Grilled Beef Burger in the background)

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3. The Local Taphouse, Darlinghurst

Smoked Ale Beef Burger with aged cheddar, Pilsner-battered onion rings, hand-cut rosemary wedges & aioli ($18)

The onion rings really make this burger. Great spot too. More than your average pub burger here.

The Local Taphouse Burger

The Local Taphouse Burger

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2.Fish Shop, Potts Point

Dan’s Famous Cheeseburger ($18)

Seems strange that our #2 pick would be from a place that specialises in seafood, but you will be in awe of this burger if you like your meat rare and tasty. It may not look like much, but the thin, soft bun just melts right into the rare salty meat which is complimented perfectly by the cheese. The pickles are thin and tasty. So delicious.

The Fish Shop’s Burger

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1. Mary’s, Newtown

Cheese Burger ($14)

And our number one pic for best burger in Sydney (which unfortunately is also our worst photo of a burger – we wanted to dig in!) is Mary’s in Newtown. As McKay describes it – “it’s like the best McDonald’s burger you’ve ever had”. The meat and cheese are flavourful and delicious. The bun is soft and thin so it doesn’t take away from the meat. The fried chicken is also AMAZING. The fried require a bit more salt.

Mary’s Burger

McKay Digging in!

Mary’s Fried Chicken

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Shout-out to Ferburger, our fave burger place in Queenstown, New Zealand as pictured in the featured photo for this post.
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