Fish Place, Surry Hills

Fish Place, Surry Hills

It’s little spots like these that make us wish we worked in Surry Hills and could just pop over for lunch any time. We love this new little spot. The staff were incredibly friendly and we adore the little back patio area. The only thing that would make this place better would be if they served drinks and were open on the weekend!

They have a pretty small menu, but it really has everything you’d want from a fish shop. They have 1 fish of the day on offer – it was Orange Roughy the day we went and side-note do not Google Image Orange Roughy. It’s quite an ugly fish, but all you need to know is that it’s delicious. The fish of the day can be prepared either grilled or battered and fried served with one side.  We recommend the potato bake. It’s like a buttery delicious potato cake – yum! The mushy peas were pretty good also. Consistently on the  menu are warm smoked salmon, smoke salmon bagels, fish and chips, and fish pie. We want to come back and try everything!


the menu


the sides


can't miss the place when it's covered in sardine lids!


warm smoked salmon with potato bake




back patio


fish of the day with mushy peas


chippy cup

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