Gastro Park

Gastro Park

Bottom line: If you have one restaurant to visit in Sydney, this is the type of place you go to.  It’s fighting for my #1 favorite restaurant in Sydney. This new restaurant that has really taken the Sydney restaurant scene by storm in 2011 and for good reason. They’re menu is inspired by what’s fresh at the market and therefore changes daily (according to their website—I’ve only been once). But it’s the innovative “gastro” style that really sets them apart from the likes of Porteno, Universal, and Ms. G’s.


Liquid butternut gnocchi.


 Prosciutto and fig.


Smoked octopus.

Sweet Breads.

Jurassic quail. Outstanding.



Grilled fish. 
Fish with squid crackle.


Esther, McKay and Peter (dad).


Frozen white chocolate orb filled with chocolate sauce w/ macaroons and mini-brownies on the side.


Dad checking out the cheeses for dessert.

I had never had cheese from a restaurant before but after having tried my dad’s cheese from here and Bentley’s, I would highly recommend it as a dessert substitute.

They make great cocktails too.  They have a tiny little bar so go ahead and show up early for a quick chat with the bartenders.

I forget the exact bill but I’d say we got out of there for about $550 for 3 people.  Steep price but a one-of-a-kind dining experience.  I will definitely be going back.

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