Getting the 457 work visa

Getting the 457 work visa

My new company will be sponsoring me for a 457 work visa.  That means I get to work in the country up to 4 years.  It also means I need to provide a lot of paper work.  They say to give the process 4-6 weeks.

Step 1: Get private health insurance

Although Australia has public healthcare, since I’m American, I do not qualify for it.  I looked at two websites — iSelect (about $1700/yr) and Medibank (about $190/month).  I ended up going with Medibank because a) Esther’s brother recommended it to me, b) I can pay by the month instead of the year, and c) I talked to someone at Medibank who was super helpful and made me feel confident in the plan.  [To be fair to iSelect, I did not phone them; I just wanted to get this done fast and Medibank was great so I just went with them].

Step 2: File for the 457 visa

An immigration consultant (hired by my company) will be filing the paper work for me and asked for the following:

  1. Letter of confirmation that I have health insurance
  2. My resume
  3. My college diploma
  4. Photocopy of my passport
  5. A filled out questionnaire about the nature of my visit w/ some signatures

Basically, they want to make sure that I’m not a criminal and that I’m qualified for the job that I’m taking in Australia.  I hate using this word, but they want to make sure I’m legit.


Now that I’m waiting for my visa approval, it’s time for Esther and I to look into moving companies and temporary housing for when we arrive (we’ll look for our real apartment when we get there).