Grounds of Alexandria and Salts, Meats & Cheese

Grounds of Alexandria and Salts, Meats & Cheese

How have we not ventured to the Grounds of Alexandria before?! What a little gem! We didn’t actually get to eat at the restaurant as the wait was 45 minutes and we only had an hour and a half to spare, but we were completely satisfied with the take-away on offer in the Garden Cafe. The roll used in the Bacon and Egg Roll was one of the best I’ve ever tasted – amazing. The pastries we ordered were also fantastic. The garden area is gorgeous – it’s hard to believe you’re in the middle of the city with live pigs and chickens on the scene (very family-friendly, there were kidlets everywhere!).

Leave some time to explore Salts, Meats & Cheese – just a few steps away. I could spend HOURS at this store. They, of course, have an awesome selection of all sorts of salts, meats and cheeses, but also a variety of other fun specialty foods including some of the items we miss from American stores like marshmallows, Tapatillo and maraschino cherries.

We really need to explore Alexandria more often. We will absolutely be back again and would love to try the restaurant next time as we’ve heard great things.

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