Guillaume at Bennelong, Opera House

Guillaume at Bennelong, Opera House

It’s pricey, but for a special occasion or when entertaining guests from out of town…I couldn’t think of a more perfect spot. It’s fancy French fare in an exquisite harbour front location inside the Opera House.

We had our lovely friend Katie in town visiting from the states so we’d planned to just stop by Guillaume and see if we could have some drinks and food in the bar area, but unfortunately there was a private party there that night. Guillaume does not seem like the type of place that you can stroll into without a booking. It actually seems like the type of spot where the maître d‘ might giggle at you condescendingly if you tried. But to our lucky surprise the staff at Guillaume are EXTREMELY LOVELY. When we found out the bar wasn’t option, the host quickly checked his books and said that he was pretty sure there would be a cancellation in 30 minutes and that he would be able to seat us. We had a bottle of wine at Opera Bar while we waited and sure enough…30 minutes later we were seated at the best window-front table in the house.

View from our table:

We were so excited about our good fortune that we decided to go all out.

The meal started with these complimentary (and delicious) little bacon and chive tartlet things.

Next was the most amazing entree. Probably one of my favourite things we ate. It was called the Turban of Scampi – scampi wrapped in spaghettini with a warm lemon and caviar sauce. An additional $35 on top of the usual entree price – it is a $60 entree, but WOW!

The next two entrees were beautiful as well, but the Turban is tough act to follow and I barely remember what these two were. One was the Royal Globe Artichoke with Swimmer Crab, the other was some sort of Scallop dish?

The three mains were delicious also. We had the Crispy Skinned Barramundi, the Duck, and the Deboned Ribeye. It’s always a nice touch at restaurants when they come around and offer everyone some communal sides as well. There was a side salad and amazingly creamy mashed potatoes on offer.

And then of course…dessert. They gave us a beautiful little complimentary Vanilla Panna Cotta with Fresh Strawberries. And the we ordered the Valrhona Chocolate Souffle to share. This is a must order. So amazing and light and fluffy.

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