How the heck did I find a job in Sydney?

How the heck did I find a job in Sydney?

It all happened really fast.First, a trusted friend put me into contact with a recruiter based in Sydney.  I’ve worked with recruiters in the past and I’ll say from experience, it’s really important to make sure you trust them.  Fortunately, as I learned over time, I had been referred to a really great one.

Next, I started doing phone interviews with a company that had a position available—Clemenger BBDO.  It’s a good thing to have aspirations to work for certain organizations.  But unless they have a real position available (or are willing to create a space for you), it’s not a real prospect.

The real magic happened when the managing director of Clemenger’s Sydney office happened to be in San Francisco for a client meeting.  We met for a coffee and talked non-stop for an hour.  What I remember most from that meeting was that he said the agency was looking for people with a certain skill set, as well as people that would add to their culture.  Working in an industry where you have to spend upwards to 50, 60 and sometimes 70+ hours a week with your co-workers, agency culture is something I hold great value in as well.  Coming out of that meeting I had a new level of excitement for Clem’s.

After that, I did a phone interview with my future-boss (Al) and then a Skype meeting with the co-executive creative director.  Everyone I spoke to was smart, friendly and enthusiastic.

Finally, I was invited to Sydney for a final round interview.  Before I went, I did a lot of homework on both the agency and Sydney; I needed third-party opinions to help inform my decision.  When I arrived in Sydney, I already felt confident that it would be a good fit.  Upon my arrival, everyone at Clem’s—especially Al—were incredibly gracious hosts and made me feel very welcome.


In the end, my final criteria were good agency (check), good client (check), co-workers who were both fun and smart (check), a city with character that would be fun to live in (CHECK).After a fantastic weekend in Sydney, Esther and I decided to go for it.