Mamak, Haymarket

Mamak, Haymarket

This place has been on the list for ages and rightfully so…it should be on everyones list. It’s quick, cheap, delicious and BYO to boot – what’s not to love? Well…I suppose the massive queu that forms around the block to get in could be a deterrent, but it really shouldn’t be – it goes by extremely quickly.

We loved Mamak – it lives up to all the hype it gets and we’ll definitely be back to sample more of the tasty Malaysian fare on offer. Specifically the Ayam Goreng (Malaysian-style fried chicken) and the Satay – items that we didn’t order this time around, but that I had serious order-envy of the table next to us.

For four people with three main dishes, two rotis and dessert – we got out of there for about $18/person (plus the wine we brought) – not bad at all…

Check out the chefs rolling out fresh roti in the window while you wait in line.

Chicken Curry

Original Roti

Nasi Lemak – Cocunut Rice with Prawn Sambal

Maggi Goreng Noodles

Roti Tisu – Sweet Roti with Ice Cream

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