One Week in Paradise - Efate,Vanuatu

One Week in Paradise – Efate,Vanuatu

I’ll be honest – I hadn’t heard of Vanuatu until McKay told me he’d booked us a vacation there. I’m lucky he does his research because Vanuatu was a gorgeous place to visit…and just a 3.5 hour direct flight away from Sydney – it’s an ideal location for a quick trip. We travelled with our friends Brian and Linda to Efate, the main island of Vanuatu’s 83 islands where it’s international airport is located. See the video of our trip here.

Tips for while in you’re in Efate…

1. Stay at Eratap

Good value and the staff and service are amazing. Check out my review on TripAdvisor for full details, but definitely take advantage of the free activities and dinner entertainment, do the island picnic, and visit the spa.

the backyard and private lap pool of our villa in Eratap

View from out backyard of our villa at Eratap

The “big island” – One of two of Erataps private islands that they will boat you too and setup a picnic for you

The Eratap Spa

Free Dinner-time entertainment

Fabulous drinks made by Rose, our favourite bartender

 2. Scuba Dive with Big Blue

Their staff is amazing and they have great equipment. The Twin Bommies was our favourite dive.

3. Do a round island tour in Efate.

It only takes about 5 hours to drive around and you get to see all sorts of things around the island. The dive instructors from Big Blue arranged for their Uncle Joey to be our guide around the island and he was awesome. Must-visit spots are Mele Cascade Falls (gorgeous. Bring Reef shoes!), the Blue Lagoon (can get a bit crowded and touristy so go early), visit a village and pick up some toys/candy for the kids (so cute!), go to Wahoo Bar for lunch and get the Wahoo! Skip Turtle Bay – it’s not a sanctuary, more like a creepy, over-priced, poorly run zoo.

Our Guide, Joey

First stop was Turtle Bay. AVOID THIS PLACE. AWFUL.

Next stop – the Blue Lagoon. Very beautiful, but it can get crowded with tourists so try to get here earlier.

Be sure to check out the the enormous Banyan trees!

Visit Wahoo Bar for lunch

Have a Pina Colada at the Wahoo Bar!

The Wahoo is delicious also!

Visit the Mele Falls – amazing. Bring Reef Shoes.

4. Try Kava if you’re into it.

It’s a traditional drink made from pepper root that is supposed to make you incredibly relaxed…

5. Visit Havannah Bay

Beautiful calm water snorkeling and gorgeous views.

Havannah Bay

Sailing in The Havannah Bay. We saw dolphins!

6. Bring reef shoes and think about bringing your own snorkel as well.

Final Thoughts on Vanuatu

A gorgeous place that is a bit more untouched than nearby Fiji. The people are beautiful, friendly and kind. If we were to do it all over again, I think we’d do 4 nights in Efate (probably at Eratap) and then do the overnight trip to Tanna to see the active volcano and then do a few nights in Espiritu Santo (where the world’s largest ship wreck dive is located).