Pop That Bubbly!

Pop That Bubbly!

…cause it’s been decided. WE’RE MOVING TO SYDNEY!

McKay returned from Sydney yesterday – job offer accepted, potential start date nailed down. CRAZY.We both broke the news at Goodby today and, thankfully, everyone was extremely supportive and excited for us. I love the people we work with so it’s both sad and exciting, but I’m extremely relieved that it’s all out in the open now and we can get to planning and all of the stresses that go along with it.To Do ASAP:

  • Find a place to live in Sydney (corporate housing…for a bit)
  • Figure out how to ship all of our stuff over (we haven’t the slightest idea how much this costs)
  • Book flights – wow, it’s nearly the same price for one way versus round trip!

And of course a million other things…but I’m just going to keep thinking about the beach…