Rainford Street Social, Surry Hills

Rainford Street Social, Surry Hills

Occupying the spot that Bird, Cow, Fish once was located and under the same ownership as Toko – we were expecting big things from Rainford Street Social. While the decor was lovely and the look and feel of the place is an upgrade, unfortunately the food was a bit of a disappointment.

Bottom line: You walk in, take a look through the menu and expect heaping bowls of delicious home-cooked comfort food made for sharing. Instead you are delivered tiny (yet pretty) dishes that fail to make up for their size with flavour. Come here for drinks and maybe to share a few entrees with friends, but don’t come for dinner.

They do have quite a good beer selection on tap including this Four Pines Kolsch


They also have a fun cocktail list

The menu was made up of small and large dishes that they say are meant for “sharing”…If sharing means each person gets one bite.

Scallops Entree – $18

Potted Duck, Spiced Pear Chutney, Toast and Pickles Entree. This was actually delicious.

Fish Pie – $19. This was a “Large” Plate Special – again, if by “Large” you mean everyone gets a tiny taste.

Pumkin Risotto – $19

Lamb – $22

All American Banana Cream Pie – Delish, but Tiny.

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