Surry Hills: Weeks 2, 3, 4, and 5

It’s hard to believe that we’ve already been here a month. It’s been a whirl wind of mostly boring domestic chores that I’m rather ashamed to be writing about. I’d have hoped to be posting pictures of snorkling or perhaps hiking the Blue Mountains by now. However, I’m still at the mercy of the logistics required to move across the Pacific Ocean. Fortunately, we have been making progress and having fun along the way.

The big news is that after an intensive search we pounced on a great apartment. The neighborhood called Surry Hills, which is a 15 minute walk due south of the central business district (aka midtown Sydney) and a 30 minute transit ride straight west from the Pacific Ocean.  We love it because Surry Hills is full of the city’s best shops, cafes, restaurants, and pubs. We’ve found that any “best of Sydney” article will have at least one listing within walking distance of our apartment.  It’s a great place for two new Sydney-siders to start exploring the city.

Our apartment is a two bedder with a huge outdoor space. In fact, the outdoor patio almost doubles the entire area of the apartment. We’ve spent the last two weekends completing super exciting tasks such as organizing the internet and cable, shopping for a refridgerator, and finding a good deal on outdoor furniture. And as lame as that sounds, that was actually the entertaining stuff.  Since our furniture hasn’t arrived yet, our first weekend task was to locate an airmattress, kitchen aids, and the basic household items required to live. But each and every day our apartment feels more like home. And thanks to Esther’s brother Anton—who happens to own one of the most stylish furniture stores in all of Australia—we’ve been able to borrow a few items that help us feel more like civilized city folk.

I am now in my fourth week of work at Clemeger BBDO and I’m loving it so far. Everyone I work with is very smart, friendly, and fun to be around. An hour doesn’t pass without someone making me laugh hysterically. I’m quickly getting up to speed on all the slang (both Aussie and British). I’ve caught myself using “whilst”, “reckon” and “doo dad” more often than I’d like at this stage in the game. But I felt better when Esther used the word “knicked” during breakfast this morning.

1: Esther on moving day; 2 and 3: Bourke Street Bakery; 4: White Horse Tavern on Crown Street; 5: Our Great Dane living room—thanks Anton!; 6, 7, and 8: Our garden, fish dinner, and pet fish (never to be confused); 9: the friendly cat that likes to wander into our apartment; 10: our new favorite drink in our new favorite pitcher—Pimm’s Cup; 11 and 12: Clemenger’s office; 13: It reached 106F this past Saturday—FML.