Suzie Q, Surry Hills

Suzie Q, Surry Hills

We loved this little laid-back cafe down one of the quieter blocks in Surry Hills. The obvious theme here is music. The menus are made from record sleeves and each item on the menu is musically themed. Despite the fun names, the menu here isn’t too incredibly unique from the other Surry Hills cafes – but they take even the most simple dish to the next level with clever seasoning and fresh ingredients.

I had the Eggs and Sausage in a Cadillac with Susan Mitchelson (Arepa with Melted Cheese, Choriza, Fried Egg & Salsa. I was a bit dissapointed to find out that they were out of Arepas (corn meal flat bread) and would replace it with white bread, but it actually was still delicious. Well-seasoned and super flavourful.

McKay had the daily special – smoked salmon with an omelette on toast. Again – while it isn’t a unique dish that you couldn’t find elsewhere in Surry Hills – the flavours were on point.

There aren’t very many sweet options. No pancakes or french toast, but they did look to have a pretty delicious selection of pastries.

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