The Boat House, Palm Beach

The Boat House, Palm Beach

Bottom Line – The food is a bit pricey, but let’s be real – you aren’t driving all the way up to Palm Beach for the food. About an hour and half North of Sydney, the beach here is 5x as nice, 10x less crowded and 100% worth the drive. And the Boat House is all part of the experience. Depending on the weather – you’ll most likely have to wait in a queue. Take that time to read through the menu, but order one of the following:

– The Fish n Chips ($26): This is what I ordered. The fish was fresh and the chips were thick, salty and delicious.

– The Bucket of Prawns ($36): Expensive, but it really is a BUCKET of prawns. A pretty generous serving – and super fresh.

– The Burger ($22): Haven’t tried it, but have heard from numerous sources that it is the bomb.

Don’t order – the Milkshakes (look delish, but apparently aren’t that great).

If there are 2 or more of you in your party. Have one person stand in line and order while someone else stakes out a prime location on the deck.

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