The Fish Shop, Potts Point

The Fish Shop, Potts Point

Fresh and delicious seafood, fast and friendly service, in an adorable laid back setting. Yet another win from Merivale – we will absolutely be back.

Per usual, we definitely over ordered, but everything on the menu sounded fantastic…It made it difficult not to! Between the two of us we had:

  • Two Sydney Rock Oysters ($2.70 each)
  • The Mussels Special ($15) – could have made a meal out of these alone. Super fresh and in a delicious creamy sauce served with awesome bread – crusty on the outside and doughy on the inside.
  • Chips ($6.50) – perfect for soaking in the Mussel sauce and also later with the Cheeseburger
  • Salt Fish & Horseradish Croquettes ($8.50)
  • Rainbow Trout Special ($26) – super fresh.
  • Steamed Broccoli with Anchovy Tapenade ($6.50) – the salty tapenade stole the show
  • Dan’s Famous Cheeseburger ($17) – this cheeseburger is amazing, but I warn you…do NOT order this if you like your meat well done. They don’t even ask you how you want it when you order it and let me tell you…they bring it to you RARE. It must be just amazing quality meat…
  • Ice Cream Sandwich ($8)
  • Coconut Ice-cream ($8) – whoa…so good. The caramel sauce it amazing.

Mussels – $15

Salt Fish & Horseradish Croquettes – $8.50

Daily Specials Menu

Rainbow Trout – $26

Broccoli with Anchovy Tapenade – $6.50

Dan’s Famous Cheeseburger – $17

Inside Dan’s Famous Cheeseburger

Ice Cream Sandwich – $8

Coconut Ice Cream – $8

Couldn’t help but snap a pic of the bathroom labels 🙂

Clever little tuna can bill holder

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