Top Things to Do with Guests in Sydney

Top Things to Do with Guests in Sydney

We’ve been lucky enough to host several friends and family since we moved to Sydney and we’re looking forward to many more visitors to come! Below are some of the top things we like to do when we have guests in Sydney.

1. Coogee to Bondi Beach Walk – This walk never fails to impress guests. About two hours long over 6km of coastal beaches, there’s really nothing not to love about it. You can start at Bondi and work your way over to Coogee, but I prefer doing it the other way around ending off with a drink at Bucket List on Bondi Beach or one of the many beach front pubs.

2. Ferry from Circular Quay to Manly – To be honest, we don’t get over to Manly nearly enough, but having guests in town is the perfect excuse to get our butts out of Surry Hills and over the harbour. Check the schedule and take the ferry over from Circular Quay – they typically run every 20/30 minutes. There are lots of activities to do over there, but for the leisure guests – we prefer just to walk around Manly, hang out on the beach for a bit and then head over to Four Pines Brewery for a pint and a bite before catching the ferry back.

3. Drinks at Opera Bar – It’s a bit of a touristy spot, but it’s a quintessential part of any visit to Sydney. Seeing the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge lit up at night is still magical to me a year and half later and there’s no better spot to scout out a table and share a bottle of wine with your guests.

4. Visit Taronga Zoo – This zoo is one of the most beautifully positioned zoos you’ll ever see. In addition to getting to see Koalas, Kangaroos, Tasmanian Devils and the rest of the adorable animals native to Australia, the ferry ride over to Taronga is gorgeous and the zoo itself is perched on some prime coastal real estate. A great way to spend an afternoon.

5. Sailing in the Sydney Harbour – Weather dependent, this is one of the most awesome activities you can do in Sydney. Both times we’ve been, we were lucky enough to be with visitors who knew how to sail so we were able to rent a boat from East Sail without hiring a skipper. If you don’t happen to have a sailor with you though, get a big group together and split up the cost for a boat + skipper. Totally worth it.

6. Day Trip or One Night in Hunter Valley – If your guests love wine…I highly recommend a visit to Hunter Valley. About an hour North of Sydney, Hunter Valley is the NSW wine region. The tricky bit is the whole drinking and driving thing..made more complicated by the fact that all the tastings are totally free so despite your designated drivers best efforts…things can get tipsy quickly. If you have the time to do an overnight trip – rent a car for the drive up and then hire a car once you’re there like we did on our first trip up. If you don’t have the time – have a driver pick you up in Sydney and do a day trip like we did when McKay’s dad was visiting. I highly recommend John from – he was lovely and the cost was $560 for the day for a comfortable 4 seater Mercedez (exponentially cheaper than what other places quoted us at $1,200 for the day). Our favourite wineries are Peppertree, Audrey Wilkenson and Scarborough.

7. Fish Markets – It’s not the best fish market we’ve ever been to, but it is something Sydney is known for and it’s a fun experience. Rather than eating the pre-prepared food (which looks like it might sit out for quite a while), I recommend buying some fresh fish to take home and cook up a feast. We always recommend that our guests try out Barramundi, King Fish and Morton Bay Bugs if they have the chance as those are items that we haven’t found much outside of Australia.

8. Brunch in Surry Hills – Let’s be real…we suggest having every meal in Surry Hills. But if you don’t live in the area and eat every meal here like we do, I still recommend bringing guests over for brunch. Our favourites to take visitors are Robocog, Book Kitchen, Bill’s and Bourke Street Bakery.

Share your must-do’s or must-see’s  for guests to Sydney!