Update from Honkers!

Update from Honkers!

When we initially created this blog – I somehow had it in my head that we’d have enough time on our hands to post some sort of update daily, or weekly at best. Clearly not the case, so I apologize, but here I am – giving you an update from Hong Kong!Another false assumption I had prior to us moving out to Sydney was that we’d be super close to Asia and be able to take loads of weekend island vacation trips. Relatively speaking, Asia is very close to Sydney, but we soon realized that Australia is pretty far from EVERYWHERE. It’s still a $700-$1,000 round-trip flight to most vacation destinations and about an eight-ish hour flight to most countries in Asia…that being said – I was lucky enough to have a business trip planned to Singapore and Hong Kong that spanned over a weekend which was justification enough to have McKay come out to Hong Kong to explore the city with me!It wasn’t the best weather, so we did a lot of eating which we’ll post some highlights of on Feeling Peckish, but here are some photos from our weekend – food and non food related 🙂

We arrived very very late on Friday night and were staying at a hotel in the Wan Chai area of HK – one of the seedier neighbourhoods, but actually reminded me a lot of North Beach in SF. Strip clubs galore. We got to the hotel around 2AM and were both starving. The concierge directed us to one of the only open restaurants nearby (not crowded with hookers) which was a noodle place around the corner. No one spoke English and, luckily, there was one menu with English translations. Pretty awesome first meal in HK.

The next day was foggy, cold and rainy. So we started off with dim sum in the Central district, followed by a journey up the hill via one of the longest escalators I’ve ever seen up to the SOHO (South of Hollywood) area. Which similar to SOHO in NYC, is one of of my favorite areas with no shortage of restaurants, bars and trendy shops. We had dinner at Zuma, a restaurant in the Landmark Hotel also in the Central area followed by a walk back up to SOHO which we found gets pretty crazy at night. Drunken expats everywhere. We went to a bar called Ice Bar – recommended by our friend Kelsie. It was an awesome russian bar that is literally an ice box – you’re given a fur coat upon arrival.

Sunday was spent engaging in Hong Kong’s national past-time – shopping followed by early-bird dinner at the Peninsula Hotel on the Kowloon side which definitely deserves it’s own post just for the Peking Duck dish alone. The weather cleared a bit Monday morning before McKay’s flight back to Sydney and my morning meetings so we got up extra early for a visit to Victoria Peak. It’s one of the top tourist destinations and on a less SF-like foggy day probably has the best views of the city. It was still gorgeous despite the fog and it was fun ride back down into town on the tram.

All in all – Hong Kong was pretty kick-ass.

Favorites from the trip:

  • Luk Yu Tea House Dim Sum
  • The escalator from Central up to Soho
  • The Peking Duck from Spring Moon at the Peninsula Hotel
  • Tram up to Victoria Peak

View more pictures on Oh Hey Sydney’s Facebook Page! or below: