Didn't MEAT Our Expectations...Victor Churchill, Woolhara

Didn’t MEAT Our Expectations…Victor Churchill, Woolhara

My boyfriend and I used to both be big fans of Victor Churchill. It’s a beautiful, world class butcher shop – more akin to a jewelry store than a meat market. It is expensive, but quality meat usually is – and I’m willing to pay a bit more for quality and a nice experience. If not for the terrible experience we had with one of the classes that they offer – this review would probably have been 4 stars for the shop alone.I bought my boyfriend the so-called cooking class called “Let’s Cook Meat!” for Valentine’s Day.  Having been to the shop, my boyfriend and I were very excited for the class, figuring it would be as perfect as everything else in the shop.  But we were incredibly disappointed when we showed and realised that it wasn’t a cooking class at all – it’s more of a demonstration where you sit and watch one of their chefs cook meat.  We found it sloppy and disorganised, from the wrong start time on the website to them not even providing you with the recipes that they show you. To top it all off …you’d think that they could have sprung for a paper plate and fork for us to eat the finished dishes. Instead, the finished meat was cut up on a cutting board and we were given some paper napkins to grab and eat the meat with our hands.  Eating a massive, steaming, saucy piece of beef cheek with my bare hands wasn’t much fun.We hoped to learn some interesting cooking techniques – but could have watched a tutorial on YouTube instead for the way they run this class (in fact, our host literally uttered the exact words “you can learn all of this on YouTube”).  For $150/each, we expected much more from the folks at Victor Churchill.

What made it even worse (and why I’ll never shop here again), when they asked us to provide some constructive feedback via email – they replied to our email with something to the effect of “thanks for the feedback, but you’re wrong and people love this class.” Sorry Victor Churchill’s, but next time we decide to spend $60/kilo on delicious steaks, we’ll be spending it at Hudson Meats.

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