Weekend in Melbourne

We had such a nice time this past weekend visiting Melbourne – a quick and easy hour and a half flight from Sydney. Though I was born and raised in California, both my brothers were born and raised in Melbourne and it’s been a very nice feeling knowing that family is just a short trip away.  We spent the weekend with my brother Anton, his wife Emma and their two adorable muffins – Persia and Deus. 

We left Sydney on an 8:15AM flight and were in Melbourne before 9:45AM. First stop was my brother’s shop – Great Dane in an area called Prahran. I’ve probably mentioned the Sydney showroom in a previous post, but the Melbourne shop is the original and it is just as gorgeous. It still amazes me that my brother picks out each and every one of the pieces  – wish I had such a keen eye for design! 

Great Dane Furniture, Australia

We spent most of the morning and early afternoon exploring Prahran – venturing over to the nearby Prahran Markets – one of the oldest markets of its kind in Australia, having lunch with the fam at the delicious HuTong Dumpling Bar, and window shopping along Chapel Street – a long strip of amazing shops and restaurants. I really like this area – sort of a mixture of east village in NYC, crown street in Surry Hills and Haight street in SF. 

The next day…after an intense Angry Birds session for McKay and Persia and an early morning “Single Ladies” dance marathon….


We had brunch with Christine, who just recently moved to Melbourne, nearby her place in St. Kilda. We were right on the water – and I assume the place has a completely different feel when it’s sunny and warm out, but Christine compared the area to Santa Cruz and I totally see her point. We had brunch, walked around the area past the Luna Park amusement park to the main drag of shops and cafes on Acland street. 

After hanging with Christine – we spent the rest of the day back at my brother place for a BBQ. Such a fun weekend – but man…KIDS ARE EXHAUSTING! Adorable, but exhausting – props to you Anton and Emma and thanks so much for having us. Can’t wait for our next trip up!

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